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It Hurts So Good

Oh man, I am so sore from that WOD!

The first step of the day. Sliding out of bed and putting my foot on the ground. Do I feel okay, sore, or – holy crap I did some heavy squat cleans yesterday and my legs are jello? Next, I have to get down a flight of stairs to get my hands on my lifeblood a.k.a. coffee. Am I walking normally, one-step at a time, or sideways down the stairs? These are things that happen to me. And if you Olympic lift, back squat, deadlift, front squat, lunge, overhead squat, box jump, wall ball, or otherwise tax your legs – this may be you the day(s) after your workout.

Stick Me, Freeze Me, Crack Me, Squeeze Me

I’m 46. I sit at a desk all morning, I attend CrossFit OldTown at lunch, then I sit at a desk all afternoon. It is a perfect blueprint for stiffness, soreness and post-workout pain. Which keeps me on the constant lookout for relief in addition to my daily mobility from Mobility WOD. I have tried so many ways, and I will pretty much try anything. Maybe you’ve tried some, or all of these. Perhaps there are even some that I haven’t yet thought of. So let’s review.

  • Yoga
    Of course I need yoga. It is the opposite of the workouts that I do, no doubt it could help. I’ve tried yoga; but it never takes. I am so completely inflexible that I easily get frustrated and don’t enjoy the slow struggle for progress. And while yoga is all about working at your own pace and to your own abilities, I cannot help but get caught up in how my neighbor’s downward dog is looking vs. my own. I assure you, theirs is better. So despite the promise of improvement over time, I cannot commit. Yoga is the aspirational equivalent of cleaning out the attic. Maybe tomorrow.
  • Thai Massage
    There is a guy at our gym that moved away and got trained up in the art of Thai Massage. (more…)