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Dropping In is a Pain

Life takes you away from the box. Collectively, our team has logged countless nights on the road – we know how frustrating it is to diligently pursue your fitness goals, only to suffer setbacks while traveling for business or pleasure. We built BoxJump to help people stay on track.

What’s in it for boxes?

Boost Drop In Revenue

Bonus Revenue

Let us bring our athletes to your door

Zero Effort

Zero Effort

You’ll wish all athletes used BoxJump

Free for Boxes

Free for Boxes

Set your price, get every penny

It takes just 5 minutes to get started, it’s free for boxes, and there’s absolutely no commitment.

Dropping In is a Pain

Help us keep traveling athletes on track.

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BoxJump for iOS

Many athletes travel for business or pleasure. As a box owner, you’re likely one yourself.

Unfortunately, dropping in is a pain.

Many boxes do it well, but even then, it’s yet another signup process for someone who is crunched for time and unfamiliar with their surroundings. Tack on the effort to research boxes, and the hotel gym (the hotel bar?) starts to look like a great option.

What if you could use your phone to quickly learn about the boxes closest to you, pick a class, sign your waiver, pay with a saved credit card, and just show up to WOD?

Now you can, with BoxJump.

Bonus Revenue

Thousands of athletes use BoxJump to find a box on the road. Let us bring them to your door.

In addition to serving the athlete community, a seamless Drop In process has the potential to supplement membership revenue, all without hurting the regular member experience.

Access Thousands of BoxJump Users

Thousands of athletes already use BoxJump to find a box on the road. Our users seek out great Drop In experiences and value convenience.

Drive Repeat Visits

When a past Drop In is in the area, we’ll send a reminder notification. Just one example of our constant focus on driving affiliate business.

Leverage BoxJump Data for Marketing Automation

You’re free to add BoxJump users to your funnel, just as you would any other visitor. Simply export Drop In data using our online dashboard, then import to any platform with the capability to do so, including:

Zero Effort

We make it so crazy easy to host visiting athletes, you’ll wish they all used BoxJump.

Real-Time Reservations

When a user makes a reservation, you’ll receive an email notification with all the critical details, including their digitally signed waiver in PDF format for easy reference. Doesn’t get any simpler than that.

Check In is a Breeze

No paper to manage, no cash to collect. Users sign and pay through the app and arrive with a secure Affiliate Pass in their phone’s digital wallet, ready to WOD. T-shirts? Oh yeah, we do those too.

Weekly Statement and Direct Deposit

We’ll direct deposit your Drop In fees every week, accompanied by a detailed statement listing each and every transaction.  You’re “hands off” and back to doing what you do best – coaching athletes.

No Change to Systems or Processes

BoxJump works alongside your existing process – billing software like MindBody, membership apps like ClassPass, or classic cash money. So don’t change a thing, we love you just the way you are.

Free for Boxes

Set your price, get every penny.

Set Your Own Price

BoxJump is not a membership club – we believe Drop In prices should be set by box owners. We’re just here to make everyone’s life easier.

Users Pay for Convenience

We add a small convenience fee when users book through the app, which helps pay for our servers, developers, rent, and coffee.

Of course, athletes always have the option to avoid this fee by using BoxJump to contact you directly for booking.

We Cover Your Credit Card Fees

We pay AMEX, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and their friends, so you don’t have to. Every couple visitors, enjoy a Kill Cliff on us.

List Your Box Now

It takes just 5 minutes to get started, it’s free for boxes, and there’s absolutely no commitment.

If you received an email from our team, you’re all set – just follow the instructions and you’ll be up and running in no time.

If not, fill out the form below or email us at and we’ll be with you ASAP.